Turn tables

Turn tables is another type of devices for model positioning and balances in the test section. Can be used alone e.g. for measuring models of cars in the wind tunnels or model of buildings in Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels. In connection with model positioning systems allows to set the position within all axes.

All Turn tables are powered by electric motors (stepper motors or servo motors depends on compability with other subsystems) are equipped by absolute sensor f positions. Turn tables allow to set position within a range ± 360°.

Product line:

Model Turntable diameter
TT-450 450 mm
TT-600 600 mm
TT-800 800 mm
TT-1000 1000 mm
TT-1200 1200 mm
TT-1500 1500 mm
TT-2000 2000 mm
TT-2500 2500 mm