About company

WTtech.CZ is a registered well-known company with long experiences in experimental aerodynamics, successor of AB Rollab, Sweden, founded in 1962. Acts on the wide field of activities, as is development and research of test and measurements facilities like Wind Tunnels and its accessories, development of data processing software, consulting service in field of aerodynamics and preparation of research projects.

Applying the latest technologies and tools WTtech.CZ is able to meet individual requirements of a client with fast and cost effective realization. WTtech.CZ is an official System Integrator of the National Instruments company and dealer of Scanivalve Inc. products for Czech, Slovak and Poland.

WTtech.CZ offers services of high quality and helps your projects to be successful.

The main products and services are:

  • development, design and delivery of test and measurement facilities in experimental aerodynamics and fluid mechanics (Wind Tunnels, balances, model positioning systems, traverse systems, accessories)
  • development, design and delivery of special custom made test and measurement facilities and rigs under customerĀ“s requirements
  • development of measurement and control software, data analysis
  • consulting service in field of aerodynamics and preparation of development and research projects
  • project management