WTtech.CZ can offer testing as well as research and education experimental facilities especially for aerodynamics laboratories. The following family of products can be delivered:

  • VWT-FFS (Vertical Wind Tunnels – Free Fall Simulator)s – Closed-circuit Wind Tunnels for Free-Fall simulation.
  • LSWT (Low-Speed Wind Tunnels) – Low-Speed Wind Tunnels of open or closed circuit configurations.
  • BLWT (Boundary Layer Wind Tunnels) – Wind Tunnels with simulated Atmospheric Boundary Layer.
  • Wind Tunnel Fan-Drive Systems – Fans and Fan-drive system for Wind Tunnels.
  • Multi-component Balances – Devices for measurement of aerodynamic forces on models in the Wind Tunnels. Several types of balances are offered (internal, external, dynamic).
  • Calibration Rigs – Devices used for calibration of multi-component balances.
  • Model positioning systems – Devices for model positioning in Wind Tunnel test sections.
  • Turn tables - Devices for model and balance positioning in Wind Tunnel test sections.
  • Traverse systems – Devices for traversing of probes in Wind Tunnels test sections.
  • Accessories, models – Accessories (probes, jigs) and models.
  • Special measurement and test rigs – Special devices for example calibration of probes at lowspeeds, wind and gust generators.