Control and measuring software

WTtech.CZ offers software products for measurement, control and process visualization in aerodynamics laboratory and custom-made measurement and control software for special test rigs. Software for postprocessing, visualization of acquired data and automatic generation of protocols from the measurement under specific customer´s requirements is also offered. WTtech.CZ aproach for software development. The aim is to deliver programs with optimized ratio between software applicability and development cost. Software is developed in the graphical programming system LabVIEW from the National Instruments company, software has GUI, is modular and allows integration of DAQ cards and other instruments into measurement software. Special parts and subroutines are developed in C++ a Fortran programming languages.

All software is delivered within detailed technical and userguided documentation. Source-code is available on customer´s request. WTtech.CZ has huge experiences with communications between instruments via standard industrial interfaces (RS232, RS485, GPIB, Ethernet, ModBUS, ProfiBUS, TCP/IP, etc.).

Software developed by WTtech.CZ allows synchronization of several measurement components (e.g. for data acquired with several frequencies). Software allows communication and synchronizations of data between several measurement computers connected via Intranet or Internet. WTtech.CZ offers software for OCR image acquisition.

WTtech.CZ offers its standard programs:

LSWTdes (Low - Speed Wind Tunnel design software)  - a program for calculation of properties of Low – Speed Wind Tunnel and airflow benches, pressure losses calculation, required Fan-Drive characteristics calculation

WTCS (Wind Tunnel Control System) – basic control and measurement program for Wind Tunnels including airflow parameters measurement and controlling of Fan-drive system and WT´s subsystems

WTDAS (Wind Tunnel Data Acquisition System) – program for acquiring data from measurement devices and its synchronizations

WTDPS (Wind Tunnel Data Postprocessing System) – program for postprocessing, correction and analysis of measured data

BCS (Balance Calibration Software) – program for controlling of calibration rigs and collection of measured data

BMCS (Balance Matrix Calculation Software) – program for calculation of calibration coefficients and  calibration matrices of aerodynamics balances

TSCS (Traverse System Control Software) – program for controlling of model positioning systems and traverse systems including data acquiring from sensors and probes, data visualization, statistics and measured maps generation